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Kant and Hume: A comparison of views on Ethics :
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The study of Ethics is an inquiry into the foundations of values. It is a concern with the eventual outcome of the action and experience of every day life. Ethics is inherently connected with every science : economic, political, religious and spiritual, to name only a few. This 6 page paper argues that Kant's ideas were, in effect, superimposed by the theories presented by Hume. Hume built on the empirical foundation of Kant and added the belief that morality is a consequence of emotion and exceeds the reasoning abilities in scope and function. Despite Kant's opposition to this view of morality, Hume has presented a wider and more comprehensive understanding. Bibliography lists 2 sources.
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Kant & John Stuart Mill / Terrorism and the Moral and Political Rationales
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This 5 page paper considers the issue of terrorism, first by relating how a terrorist might defend their actions using the arguments of Kant and the Utilitarian perspective of John Stuart Mill, then considers who a both a Kantian and Utilitarian opponent to terrorism might relate to this issue. This paper utilizes the text of Kant's Political Writings and arguments from Mill's Utilitarianism. No additional sources cited.
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